Liisa Risu | Collaborators
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Jonna Eiskonen

Dancer Jonna Eiskonen (1977) has performed in works by leading Finnish choreographers e.g. Ervi Siren, Jyrki Karttunen, Tommi Kitti, Alpo Aaltokoski, Arja Raatikainen, Tarja Rinne, Liisa Risu. Her own choreography Red Pony premiered in 2008. M.A. in Dance / Theatre Academy of Finland, Dance Department 2002. While making Dark (2009) she had a one year grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Satu Halttunen

Dancer Satu Halttunen (1974) has danced with Tero Saarinen Company since 1999. She also works as a Choreographer´s Assistant and Rehearsing Director in the company. 2001-2010 Halttunen danced also in Tommi Kitti Company and has worked e.g. with choreographers Deborah Hay, Kirsi Monni and Arja Raatikainen. In 2002 and 2003 Halttunen was mentioned as the leading female dancer in Dance Europe – magazine. M.A. in Dance / Theatre Academy of Finland, Department of Dance 1998. Halttunen has also studied at The School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam (1999).

Ninu Lindfors

Dancer Ninu Lindfors (1975) is a member of Tero Saarinen Dance Company and has danced regularly in works by Jenni Kivelä. M.A. in Dance /Theatre Academy of Finland, Dance Department 2000. Currently Lindfors works with a three year grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Vera Nevanlinna

Dancer-Choreographer Vera Nevanlinna (1972) has performed in the works of e.g. choreographers Deborah Hay, Eeva Muilu, Mart Kangro, Harri Kuorelahti, Kirsi Monni and Ervi Sirén. Among her most important works as a dancer is If I Sing To You by Deborah Hay, produced by The Forsythe Company in 2008. Nevanlinna has also made several choreographies and collaborated in the fields of photography and video art. M.A. in Dance / Theatre Academy of Finland, Department of Dance 1998. At the moment she is working with a five year grant from the Arts promotion Centre Finland.

Terhi Vaimala

Dancer Terhi Vaimala (1976) has worked with several prominent Finnish choreographers such as Jyrki Karttunen, Arja Raatikainen, Carl Knif and Petri Kekoni. In 2011-2013 she danced in Helsinki Dance Company. Vaimala has had personal working grants from e.g. the Finnish Cultural Foundation. M.A. in Dance / Theatre Academy of Finland, Department of Dance 2002.

Jussi Saivo

Sound designer Jussi Saivo (1970) has worked as a composer, musician, producer and sound engineer with several orchestras (e.g. Ovalki, Tiermes, Aavikko, Circle, Astro Can Caravan, Tampo and Kuusumun Profeetta). He has also worked in many Finnish theatres as sound, light and set designer. In addition Saivo has made audiovisual design for installations, performances and movies. M.A. in theatre / Theatre Academy of Finland 2008.

Founding member of Sabotanic Garden

Pekka Pitkänen

Light designer Pekka Pitkänen (1971). has designed lights for many theatre groups and for dance works by choreographers Simo Kellokumpu, Arja Raatikainen and Liisa Risu. M.A. in Theatre / Theatre Academy of Finland 2001.

Jyrki Pylväs

Set designer Jyrki Pylväs (1973) has worked with theatre groups Circus Maximus, Ryhmäteatteri, Takomo as well as Turku, Seinäjoki and Oulu City theatres and also with dance theatre Hurjaruuth. M.A. / University of Art and Design / Helsinki 2000.

Riitta Röpelinen

Costume designer Riitta Röpelinen (1963) has worked in all the modern classics produced by Q-theatre in Helsinki. She has also co-operated with choreographer Sanna Kekäläinen. In addition Röpelinen has designed costumes for operas and movies.