Liisa Risu | Other Works
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Other Works

Under construction

Conversation with an Ant Colony


Dance improvisation performance – systems, signals, structures and flocking – for 2nd year B.A. Dance students

University of the Arts Helsinki / Theatre Academy

Photos Veera Konsti and Heikki Heinonen

Tyttö / Girl


Pori Dance Company

Talvisirkus Nenä / Winter Circus Nose


Annual circus for large audiences in Helsinki

Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth


Photos Riku Virtanen



Compositon for set and free into John Coltrane´s music

BA students, dance programme Theatre Academy Helsinki


Photo Mikko Sinervo

Näkyy ei näy /

Seen not Seen


Concert for one dancer, one pianist and one late hare.

Liisa Risu & Eero Ojanen


Photo Joona Pettersson

Sirkus Pinokkio / Circus Pinocchio


Turku Arts Academy & Turku City Theatre

Haje / Entropy


Zodiak – Center for New Dance


Photos Uupi Tirronen

Edgar Allan Poe

Keijukaissaari /

The Island of the Fay /

L´Ile de la Fée


Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth


Photos Riku Virtanen

Metri / Meter


Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Circus Maximus and Liisa Risu


Photos Laura Tättilä and Riku Virtanen

Yhä / Still