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Näyttämö 3T

Näyttämö 3T is a shared stage for three authors – theatre director Samuli Reunanen, composer Iiro Ollila and choreographer Liisa Risu

The Grimm Book of Horrors

Bedtime stories for mortals


Artistic Team

Artistic design and staging by Liisa Risu, Samuli Reunanen and Iiro Ollila

Music composed by Iiro Ollila

Additional texts: Mikko Koivusalo
Performers: actor Diana Tenkorang, singer Mikko Nuopponen,

dancer Ninu Lindfors and actor Katja Peacock
Musicians: Hannu Risku and Topi Korhonen
Chorus: Aino Arkko, Janita Juvonen, Aino Karlstedt, Annika Lohilahti,

Leona Pälvimäki, Julia Tanhula ja Janna Vastela

Production: Riihimäki Theatre and Näyttämö 3T



90 min


27.2.2016 Riihimäki Theatre

This work is available for touring.

Tampere Theatre Festival 2016:


“The Grimm Book of Horrors is music theatre of beauty and terror. It opens new doors to the Grimm chamber of horrors – a twisted reality where princesses howl to the moon and where your glance at a mirror is met with the grimace of a wolf.

The piece is based on six Brothers Grimm stories, such as Little Red Riding Hood and The Willful Child, and excerpts from Mikko Koivusalo’s libretto for Prinsessaooppera. The visually strong work is filled with original music combined with theatre and dance.

There are four charismatic performers, three top musicians and a chorus of seven pitch black teen angels onstage.

Captivating, ominous storytelling.”

Ken Kesey – Dale Wasserman

Yksi lensi yli käenpesän /

One Flew Over the Cuckoo´s Nest


Artistic team

Director Samuli Reunanen

Sound designer and composer Iiro Ollila

Choreographer Liisa Risu

Scenographer Kaisa Rasila

Production: Vaasa City Theatre



18.9.2010 Vaasa City Theatre

Rikos ja rangaistus /

Crime and Punishment


Lahti City Theatre

Artistic Team

Director Samuli Reunanen

Sound designer and composer Iiro Ollila

Choreographer Liisa Risu

Scenographer Minna Välimäki

Production: Lahti City Theatre



25.2.2006 Lahti City Theatre