Liisa Risu | Peukalo-Liisa / Thumbelina
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Peukalo-Liisa / Thumbelina

Dance performance for young audiences

Contemporary version of the classic tale by H.C.Andersen


This choreographic version of Thumbelina explores Andersen’s tale from a contemporary point of view, stepping aside traditional theatrical logics of over-dramatization and spectacular tempo but instead engaging with the idea of nature from alternative dynamics, processing of time and openness of senses-experience.


This Thumbelina, who escapes from 19th century anthropocentric authoritarian and edifying story-patterns, is intended to be activated through a non-moralist horizontal discovery and experience of the «otherness», which is the non-hierarchical richness of what we call biodiversity.


Our Thumbelina invites therefore all age kids to enter a theatre-greenhouse where Thumbelina (which is also everyone of them) is displayed as an open-space for open interpretation which tells joyfully about « nature » with some contemporary kinetics, real plants, recorded wind, home-made bunraku, electro-techno bodies and manga forces.

Artistic Team

Choreography: Liisa Risu

Dramaturgy: Vincent Gainza

Dance: Tanja Illukka, Pietari Kärki, Panu Heiskanen and Janne Aspvik/Jyrki Kasper/Justus Pienmunne
Costumes: Pauliina Sutinen
Light design: Riku Virtanen
Sound design: Viljami Lehtinen
Production: Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth




7.3.2015 Hurjaruuth, Helsinki

This work is available for touring.

Thumbelina working group in co-operation with Taikava – project / art educator Pauliina Aladin during rehearsals

Taikava is a project where the city of Vantaa hired art educationers to work in local kindergartens.

Also during the performances workshops for kids have been included.