Liisa Risu | Rhythm Study II
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Rhythm Study II

Artistic team

Concept: Liisa Risu and Jussi Saivo

Choreography: Liisa Risu & dancers Satu Halttunen, Tanja Illukka and Soile Voima

Sound design: Jussi Saivo
Collaborator: composer Eero Hämeenniemi
Rhythm Study I colleague: Pietari Kärki

Production: Liisa Risu



60 min



30.10.2016 Eskus – Performance Center / Helsinki

This work is available for touring.

Eleven exercises for the listening eye


The timestructure of  spectators´ audio experience and the timestructures of the dancers´ movements are  intentionally asynchronised.

The timings and rhythms of the dancers are based on resiting rhythm syllables, talas from classical Indian music. Members of the audience have “silent disco” headphones and hear a designed selection of music. The dancers don´t hear the music – they don´t even know what´s being played.

The ongoing interplay between the audio experience and the visual-kinesthetic perception is what makes this performance a true study for each spectator – a study of basic human connection, structure and meaning making systems.